Cut to the Quick Scissors

I am always on the lookout for Yorkshire stories and there was a snippet in our paper about a scissor company in Sheffield. So I cut it out out of shear vandalism.

The thrust of the article was about the quality of Sheffield steel and it’s long use in the scissor and cutting implement industry. William Whiteley and Sons was established in 1760 and benefited from the invention of stainless steel and the development of craftsmen in Sheffield.

Nurturing the company successfully for 260 year through wars, pandemics and economic travails this family run company¬† is in good spirits. This year there has been a¬† 5 fold rise in demand for scissors generated by lockdown crafting, mask making front line scrub cutting and new pandemic scissoring needs. The firm is still a family concern with a commercial appreciation demonstrated by it’s Christmas present range.

Old Garden Cutting Implements


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