Yorkshire Rabbit or Hare You Go Sculpture

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A budding young sculptress admires one of Sophie Ryders ‘Hares’ at Yorkshire’s sculpture park. The scale of yon hare makes you wonder how fast it could run and what whippet or lurcher could catch it!

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

A giant rabbit attended the Great Yorkshire Show and in the words of one news report ‘…deposited on the lawn to entertain people attending.’ Sadly no pictures are available but it was one of Sophie Ryder’s sculptures.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Sophie Ryder is renowned for using animal imagery, generally of the female hare, to explore the complexities of emotion. After graduating and leaving the RA schools in 1986 Sophie Ryder started a residency at the Yorkshire sculpture park.
For other female sculptresses at West Bretton read about Barbara Hepworth

Yorkshire Sculpture Park (1, 2 and 3) by Stephen & Claire Farnsworth CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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