Beverley Facts Interesting & Unusual

Beverley Minster

History of Beverley

  • St John of Beverley built the Minster during the late 600’s as a site for pilgrims.
  • Further pilgrimages from Europe began after the establishment of Franciscan and Dominican religious locations.
  • Beverley opposed Henry VIII during the ‘Pilgrimage of Grace’ – the pro Catholic rebellion. The religious establishments were still closed but not decimated.
  • Beverley has stood independent of near by Hull and since the Middle Ages has had a flourishing trades guilds originally based on wool.
  • As the capital of the East Riding of Yorkshire, Beverley prospered in the eighteenth century and many Georgian buildings remain.


Retail in Beverley

  • Beverley Friary YHA, shown above, is located in a restored historic friary that dates from the 1330s. The building has lots of character with a history room with an exhibition on the building’s history as well as the oldest wall paintings in Yorkshire.’
  • Wednesday market is a triangular square with restaurants pubs and shops plus some stalls selling fruit and veg.
  • Butchers row is a main shopping area
  • ‘Toll Gavel’ leads off Butchers Row and up to Saturday Market that would be square but for the former Corn Exchange.
  • ‘Nellies’ or the White Horse Inn is a Sam Smiths16th century hostelry.
    Myth or not but it is said Lewis Carroll noticed the 18ins high carved stone figure of a rabbit that serves as a corbel at one side of a stone archway in the historic St Mary’s Church. There is a White Rabbit shop on Dyers Lane and Beverley is quite an Alice in Wonderland.
  • A milliners and hat shop survives due to mad hatters at the racing and good marketing. It is called the Beverley Hat Company.

Beverley Minster Door

Interesting and Unusual Facts

  • Beverley is known for hosting various music festivals throughout the year including June Folk Festival and an Early music festival.
  • There are often food festivals and events in town or on the Westwood.
  • Affordable affluence voted Beverley the best place in England to live.
  • The Guildhall is only open on a Friday.
  • Beverley is located between the River Hull and the common land of  Westwood about 6 miles from Hull.
  • Beverley Grammar school is the oldest in England.The Beverley Building Society was founded in 1866 and is one of the UK’s oldest established societies.
  • ‘Ode to Joy Beverley’ is not by Beethoven or anything to do with Beverley but is a lampoon written by Les Barker on one of the Beverley Sisters.

Beverley Tardis

Beverley Racecourse

  • Beverley probably had a permanent race track as far back as 1690.
  • The first grandstand was built in 1767
  • The mile and a half circuit located on the historic Westwood is ideal for the flat racing.
  • The Aunt Bessie’s Yorkshire Pudding Handicap Stakes will take place at the evening meeting on 1st July 2011


Hospitals and Hospitallers

  • In the early 13th century the Knights Hospitallers came to Beverley
  • The mayor and aldermen built a hospital in 1740 endowed with money from Ann Routh and Chris Moor for the maintenance of 12 poor church going widows.
  • Wharton’s hospital was endowed before 1712


Beverley hospital

Ann Routh’s Hospital.


Timeline for Beverley History

Beverley Church of St Mary’s

Folk Festival Abroad

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