Sheffield Romance

Book Cover
…………for Rose there is the chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a clippie on Sheffield’s trams but war may shatter her ambitions……….

What is a clippie

a woman who is a conductor and ticket-taker on a bus’  – Merriam-Webster dictionary

A bus conductress   – Oxford Living

A clippie is a female bus-conductor but a connie, with otherwise the same meaning, need not be female.  – Wordnik

Sheffield Humour

A husband was always down at Bramall Lane watching Sheffield United. This caused a a protracted row that had lasted 7 years when the wife questioned the husband
‘I don’t think you love me anymore I think you love United more!’.
The husband replied woman, I love Sheffield Wednesday more than I love you.


heart 002
All men are not homeless but some are home less than others.

If you want to make your wife happy, tell her she makes you so.

Scottish Kelty Clippie

O’ she’s just a Kelty clippie, she’ll no tak nae advice,

It’s ach drap deid, awa bile yer heid, or I’ll punch yer ticket twice,

Her faither’s jist a waister, her mithers on the game,

She’s just a Kelty clippie, but I love her just the same.

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