Yorkshire Staycation Hotspots

So much for our summer 2012 ‘it was grand weather for ducks’ as my grandfather was wont to say. It is still not too late to enjoy a short break in one of our national parks or resorts, even Harrogate or Sheffield may help with some early Christmas shopping.

bempton scarborough
Birds Enjoying a Staycation at RSPB hotspot Bempton Cliff

To some ‘Staycation’ is a relatively new word combining the words ‘stay’ and ‘vacation’ but a staycation has been common practice in many Yorkshire households for generations. Dales farmers could no more leave their animals than they could convert to Lancastrianism. Industrial workers from Sheffield and Doncaster or miners from the pit villages would be over the moon with a seaside holiday but far more people just didn’t have the brass. There were no sunshine Hotspots on the ‘Costa Whatnot’ for these Yorkshire folk.

All that is changing and Yorkshire offers some great staycation locations and the odd hotspot for visitors and Tykes alike. For southerners and other visitors to the county here is a quick view or review of some seaside towns where you can expect exceptional hospitality.

Yorkshire Seaside Staycation Hotspots

Whitby from swing bridge
Whitby – ‘Fish, Chips and Goths!’
Bridlington Groynes
Bridlington – ‘Up and Coming Back’

Flamborough Head
– ‘Heading in the Right Direction’
Coast to Coast Walk England - 300 km from the Irish to the North Sea
Robin Hood’s Bay – ‘Walkers Paradise’
Filey Seafront
Filey – ‘Who says we don’t do Illuminations?’
Hornsea Beach
Hornsey – ‘Pottery About’
An english summer at the beach
Withernsea -‘Twighlight Zone’
bempton scarborough
Scarborough – ‘Staycation Hotel’

Photo Credits
Flamborough Head by Stephen & Claire Farnsworth CC BY-NC-SA 2.0
Coast to Coast Walk England – 300 km from the Irish to the North Sea by dirk huijssoon CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Filey Seafront by johncooke CC BY 2.0
Hornsea Beach by histman CC BY 2.0
An english summer at the beach by mark lorch CC BY-NC 2.0
Battering by Steve Sawyer CC BY-NC 2.0

Battering is not only what happens to the fish caught to go with your Yorkshire chips but it can be what the weather does to our coastline. Visit Yorkshires hotspot coast before it erodes into the sea.
I wanted to use this photo at Robin Hood’s Bay as it set me in mind to have my own ‘Pubcation’ on the coast in the near future.

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