The Leeds Bourse and Reflections


A European financial institution, a Bourse is generally a stock exchange. In Leeds we are a bit different naming this office block The Bourse.

A shame that the European finances are not able to be duplicated as easily as the images in the window of our Bourse. Perhaps it is a sign that the Euro is so fragmented and likely to break into shards!


Leeds Plaza is named after a Spanish word meaning a “field” which describes an open urban public space, such as a city square. With our obsession with shopping every Mall must now incorporate a Plaza.

Polarized view

Harrogate Conference Center can polarise opinions but the building reflects the mood of the times. Should be bright skies but a cloud or too from over the horizon.


This reflection is not in Yorkshire but was a cloudy day at Victoria Coach station in London. The sky cleared enough to capture a picture that fits this theme.

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