Leeds Reflections – Window Shopping

When you want to see your local city from a new angle look carefully at the windows of modern buildings. Since glass and reflective materials became the  cladding of choice for constructors and architects there are many visual delights and photo opportunities. It may take a moment to see the buildings reflected in the windows of this Leeds University block but the pattern will soon show.


Some think that the first double glazed windows were installed  at Tan Hill, Great Britain’s Highest Inn. In fact that was just the place where the farmer and TV presenter ‘Ted Moult’ fronted the advertising campaign for window shopping. Talking of window shopping the Trinity center has window views and photographic opportunities that will deflect you from spending money in the 120 or so shops and retail outlets.

More distorted reflections in this picture’ of Holy Trinity Church an early 18th century grade 1 listed building constructed in 1722. Reflecting on the Trinity shopping I note it will have been open for 5 years in March 2018. The church has been open a good deal longer.

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