Ow Much!

A clever shop window sign Ow Much would be even cleverer if I had finished with a ?

Queuing for the Otley 20p Shop

I currently miss  shopping in Otley at the 20p shop! A great concept with everything only 20p a pop. Lots of the items including some books, greeting cards and shop surplus is brand new. In the bric a brac there may be the odd gem and at 5 for £1 it is as near a Yorkshire bargain as you are likely to get.

  • It competes well with the Scottish  bawbee shop only up there they think that is expensive.
  • It knocks in to a flat cap the Cheshire footballers mansion zone £1,000 shop now without 30% off!

Yesterday God was seen walking around Yorkshire.’What are you doing?’ he was asked  ‘Working from home’ he replied. Thanks to Tony Service of Selby & the Daily Telegraph.


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