Yorkshire Pudding International Cuisine

Yorkshire Puddings with Altitude

Over the top and out of the tin – very light!

Yorkshire Pudding

A squeeze to get it on to the plate.

Yorkshire Pudding

‘First Attempt’ but needs to keep practicing- what have you been eating until now Rhiannon?

The best Yorkshire pudding ever
‘The best Yorkshire pudding ever’ – Where did this title come from?  France obviously.  A Yorkshire sounding chef Jean-François Chénier, Mmmm tasty.

Yorkshire pudding


Done to a fine turn by Oriental fortune cookie.

Toad in the Hole

Toad in The Hole is cheating but Su-Lin’s dish looked so good it was worth including.

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4. rhiannonstone
5.Jean-François Chénier
More photos
to get your saliva glands working overtime

You can’t have too many Yorkshire Puddings

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