Top Fish & Chips and Seafood

Yorkshire is blessed with the finest fish and chip shops. It also boasts the best restaurants and cafes specialising in seafood and fish and chips.

Restaurants to Visit

  • The Drum and Monkey has been a Harrogate favourite for over 30 years. Not the cheapest but one of the best inland fish restaurants in England. Lobster, Dover sole, oysters, halibut and sea bass and a range of other seafood is delivered daily.
  • Graveleys also of Harrogate on Cheltenham Parade has been gaining a reputation since new owners took over last year. Great Fish and Chips plus other seafood favourites and a selection of fine wine.
  • Crab and Lobster at Asenby, Thirsk is open every day but Sunday. Generous portions are promised and there are other dishes available for none seafood eaters.
  • Livebait Leeds claims to ‘only serve fish that is ethically sourced and we are proud to support sustainable fishing policies in line with the Marine Conservation Society, bringing you the freshest seafood with minimal impact on the environment’. The only disappointment I have had has been the volume of customers but you get to expect that from a chain that has to get in as many covers as possible.
  • The Magpie Cafe in Whitby doesn’t serve Magpie,¬† unless it have been eaten by one of the ginormous fish they serve. When I talk about a busy seafood emporium at Livebait it is nothing compared with the queues at the Magpie. Still it has always been worth the wait.
  • The Golden Grid in Scarborough has fine views over Flamborough Head from the upstairs windows. For canny Yorkshire folk there is a 10% off voucher by clicking here.
  • Loch Fyne is a chain with restaurants in Harrogate, (update the Harrogate branch has disappeared hook line and sinker!)Walmgate York and City Square Leeds Enough said – not one of my favourites.

Eat In Fish & Chip Shops

  • Harry Ramsden’s the old stand by ‘Chippy’ of the bus trip era. Still has the chandeliers and great grub.
  • Bryans in Leeds is an expensive waste of time in my opinion but Nash’s offers a reasonable alternative.
  • The Wetherby Whaler is incredibly popular locally with cafes in Pudsey, Wakefield, York and not surprisingly Wetherby, .
  • The Cove near the river Wharfe in Otley sells proper fish and chips not caught in the river
  • Trenchers in Whitby has to compete with all the other seafood places but does so admirably.
  • Websters in Idle or Baildon offer fantastic¬† fish & chips just off the moors (you not the fish).
  • I am off to Murgatroyds in Yeadon for my Sunday lunch so I will be interested to see how it compares.

Inevitably I will have missed your favourite!
Please comment below so we can highlight you choice of Yorkshire Chippy of 2011 or the best seafod restaurant in Yorkshire.
Come on South Yorkshire you must have something other than soggy batter.

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