Yorkshire Imperial Measures

€   No half measures

Yorkshire was a part of the British Empire that adopted the system of imperial units or the imperial system  first defined in the British Weights and Measures Act of 1824. Unfortunately the EU tried to confuse the rest of the United Kingdom with a Napoleonic measurement system.

The most precise measurement of the Imperial Standard Yard is 0.914398416 metres or one stride as I was taught. The Metropolitan police HQ is to be renamed New Scotland 0.914398416 metres under EEC rules or New Scotland Murdoch Mansions under Aussie rules.

Other notable measures of length include Chain 22 yards as in cricket, a furlong one eighth of a mile as used at Yorkshires race courses and a league or 3 miles back to cricket again. I can’t fathom it out as 2 yards so I must ask Vince Cable 100 fathoms.
25 links one rod, 4 rods one chain but it is a bit fishy that a perch is a rod times a rod and an acre is a furlong times a chain – want to be in the land measurement gang?

Getting on to drink a Gill is 5 fluid ounces or quarter of a pint except in Yorkshire where a Gill is a half a pint! No half measures in Yorkshire.

An ounce is 28 and a bit grammes and stone me a stone is 6350 and a bit grammes. I hope that helps with those pesky metric recipes on the Rhubarb Triangle

Drinking Measures

Quart Pint is 2 Pottle or Half Gallon
Gallon has 4 Quarts.
Peck is 2 Gallon.
Kenning or Pail is 2 Pecks
Bushel is 2 Kenning or 4 pecks
Barrel is 36 imperial gallon
Hogshead is 72 gallon but in American beer 54 gallon
Butt or Pipe is 128 gallon
Tun is 256 gallon

I’d like a tun of beer for my birthday but will drink a Pottle or double pint at a time.

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