From Mytholmroyd to The British Library

The British Library is another institution that is letting down the silent majority and failing to focus on its prime purpose as a ‘legal deposit library’. It should facilitate research from the published works it maintains in London and Boston Spa North Yorkshire not be conducting its own slanted research. How do public bodies establish the right to extend the boundaries of their remit.

Why has the library commissioned a ‘slavery dossier’ as part of the work to make the it ‘anti racist’. How incompetent to name Lord Byron, Oscar Wild, George Orwell and Ted Hughes linked via his ancestor, as being ‘deeply involved’ with a slavery company. It has rightly led to an apology to the former Poet Laureate widow. Perhaps it should also apologise to the public who pay the wages of the organisation to maintain the British Librarys reputation and legacy of scholarship and uncensored thinking.

‘Winds stampeding the fields under the window
Floundering black astride and blinding wet’

from ‘Wind’ by Ted Hughes b. Mytholmroyd 1930  d. 1998

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