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Linton Grassington

I was visiting Grassington last year on a walk via Linton and called into the book shop at the bottom of high street. Elliott’s Page Turners had a good and cheap selection of books and I carried 4 of them home (next time I will drive.) Their web site is still incomplete so I can’t supply a link but if you are in Grassington it is worth a visit. The name implies thrillers and fiction but they have a specialism in supplying teaching books an so have a good children’s section.

There is another book shop up the high street but my hands and library were already full. The Dales Book Centre for local walking books, Yorkshire books, fiction, bargain paperbacks, various prints and browse through our once (or more) read books and children’s books. They also offer a book ordering service where you can collect your Amazon orders.

I buy a lot of books from charity shops and did browse in one very busy Grassington shop but as the area is renown for walking I got my boots moving again.

Books On Grassington

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Book Cover

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One Response to Books at Grassington

  1. Just happened across your site. As I own ‘Elliott’s – Page Turners’ it is nice to see people talking about us. My wife owns a couple of book shops too, so we have access to a large selection of titles.

    As an ex-teacher (primary), children’s books are my specialism. At this moment in time I am having a website produced for schools: – Elliott’s Educational Books Online.

    I am also in the process of producing a website for Page Turners: This is a full Ecommerce site for purchasing books online. I will have hundreds of titles available for adults and children.

    Both sites should be live by early November 2011