Jump on a Yorkshire Bus

Pictures of some older Yorkshire buses run by Yorkshire bus companies have been preserved by Ingy the Wingy and others for us to enjoy.

Even more important is the buses themselves are being preserved!

Yorkshire Traction 34583 YN04 YXS
Others are still in service. Use them or loose them as the saying goes. Watch out as politicians line up to cut ‘the pensioners perk’ our metro card for free bus travel out of rush hour. The rail concession in West Yorkshire has already been reduced this year from a 50p fare to 50% of a full price ticket.

West Yorkshire, 811BMR

I couldn’t resist adding these two extra photos to this selection.
Thanks to all who allow the use of their photographs under a creative commons license. I hope I give you fair credit.

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Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company

With my metro pass I can still ride all over on the bus but unfortunately I can’t ‘leg-on’ for two reasons. One is the old legs don’t work as quickly as they used too and the other reason is the flipping doors get in the way. Bring back conductors and the platform entrance.

Yorkshire Rider 7006 SUA 6R by Ingy The Wingy CC BY-ND 2.0 Yorkshire Rider Limited (originally West Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive) 7006 SUA 6R, a Leyland ‘Fleetline’ FE30AGR built 1976 with a Northern Counties H43/31F body stands in Todmorden bus station on a 592 service to Portsmouth. Sunday 23rd October 1988

Mulley’s Motorways 354 KWX 14 by Ingy The Wingy CC BY-ND 2.0
‘Mulley’s Motorways Limited former Calderdale Joint Omnibus Committee (originally Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee) 354 KWX 14, a Leyland ‘Titan’ PD2/12 built 1951 with a Leyland L27/26R body stands in Stowmarket bus depot yard. Tuesday 23rd September 1975
KWX 14 was transferred from the Todmorden Joint Omnibus Committee to the Calderdale Joint Omnibus Committee in 1971 (the completion date for the transfer was 6th September 1971) but was withdrawn before the end of the year. It then passed to Mulley’s Motorways’

Yorkshire Traction 34583 YN04 YXS by Ingy The Wingy CC BY-ND 2.0 Yorkshire Traction Limited (originally East Midland Motor Services Limited) 34583 YN04 YXS, an Alexander Dennis ‘Dart’ SLF built 2004 with an Alexander Dennis ‘Pointer’ B38F body on North Bridge Road, Doncaster with the 12:50 Doncaster Frenchgate Interchange to Scawsby Circular 42 service. Wednesday 13th October 2010

“West Yorkshire, 811BMR by Steven’s Transport Photos CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Yorkshire Heritage Bus Company by Danny’s Bus Photos CC BY-NC 2.0

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