The Yorkshire Dales Mystery Series – A5

An academic background in forensic studies and archaeological investigations with a family home in Swaledale has provided Susan Parry with inspiration for The Yorkshire Dales Mystery Series.
The Corpse Way is the first in a series of mystery books that already has five titles. Set in some fantastic countryside with an easy going style the books are not hard to read nor the plots too complex to follow.

Book Cover
Corpse Way by Susan Parry

Preface ‘The Corpse Way’ A Yorkshire Dales Mystery

‘A quiet summer holiday in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales was just what Millie needed. No excitement, fresh air and huge helpings of her Grandmother’s home cooking.
But Millie is drawn into an intriguing mystery that surrounds the isolated shooting lodge on the moor, the Dutchman who rents it and the sudden death of two residents in the village. Convinced that Lizzie Banford did not die of natural causes, Millie sets about finding the truth.
Set in the lead mining area of peaceful Swaledale, this is the first in the series of Yorkshire dales Mysteries.’

The pace is fairly slow with the story concentrating more on developing characters for future books. The star is the Yorkshire countryside.

Yorkshire God’s Own County Book Club Opinion

One percent inspiration and ninety nine percent perspiration should be the formula for a good read.
Just a shame some perspiration was missing from the publishers or proof readers who have allowed some minor errors to creep in to the text. (A bit like this post you might think.)
Probably a book best left for pleasure reading rather than as a feature for your readers book club.
I am not keen to recommend the books on my initial exposure therefore I have not provided amazon links for this series although you can use our Yorkshire at Amazon button if you wish.


Other Books in the Series

Death Cart (The Yorkshire Dales Mystery Series)
Corpse Way (The Yorkshire Dales Mystery Series)
Grave Hand (The Yorkshire Dales Mystery Series)
Craven Scar (The Yorkshire Dales Mystery Series)
I think these are good ‘pithy’ titles and may be I should give the books a second chance.

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