Breeze from a Charity Book Shop

Ian Oliver is a Yorkshire born writer who now lives in Haworth.

In a book I bought from a charity shop Ian has produced a light entertainment with his book ‘Breeze’. Unfortunately it is a romp with none of the detailed observation and character building demonstrated by other famous authors who hailed from Haworth 

As the blurb would have it :- ‘Bobby and Ryan are a couple of young chancers from Manchester who decide the only way to get away from their hum drum lives is to rob a local villain by the name of Jack Roberts of his ill gotten gains. When things don’t go as smoothly as planned they are forced to skip the country pretty fast. They soon set up a new life for themselves in sunny Spain, but the past has a habit of catching up with them. So their dream of a peaceful life in the sun is beginning to look a little hard to achieve. Every time they get past one obstacle another one seems to be waiting for them…..’

Reviewers were left wanting more as the book is quite short at 192 pages of an open font. Still that must be a good sign as Ian is preparing further crime exploits from the duo. One quote is worth repeating to give you a flavour of the setting ‘ very true to life and for readers who have been to Benidorm I’m sure they may have met similar characters’.

I could only find a kindle version at amazon, so I will keep and prize my charity 1st edition copy in case Ian Oliver becomes a world best selling author in the future.

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