Clog Almanacs

Before the invention of printing, uneducated people in England used wooden calendars to keep track of the seasons and of the religious festivals. These calendars were known as clog almanacs. This booklet describes some of the clog almanacs that survive today and explains some of the medieval Christian symbols used on them. It is illustrated with drawings and photographs and has a useful bibliography for those who would like to know more about this fascinating subject

English Clog Almanacs: An Introduction: Volume 1 Paperback – 16 Jun 2012

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The origin of these runic or clog-calendars was Danish and were more prominent in the North. No runic calendar or Clog Almanac  has  yet been found in any Saxon or German province

Runic inscriptions recorded special dates for example saints days such as June 8th for St William Archbishop of York 1144 a.d.  or May 7th St John Beverley from 721 a.d.


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Take a Turkish Bath to Unwind your Mind

Turkish Baths

Pamper yourself at the Turkish Baths in Harrogate. In the 21st century it is seen as a luxury way of relaxing but it was not always so. At one time it was a treatment and possible cure for a range of diseases.

In 1596 William Slingsby discovered a chalybeate spring in Yorkshire and that became a forerunner to Harrogate’s prominence as a Spa town. He built an enclosed well at what became known as the first resort in England for drinking medicinal waters.

The Victorians built the current Turkish bath which is still operating from the entrance on Parliament Street. the Moorish design includes elaborate Islamic images, arches and screens.


As the Bath’s promotion says it is a place to ‘unwind your mind and invigorate your body’. A minimum 90 minutes is recommended and towels are provided. Children under 16 are not permitted because you go for relaxation and kids can prevent you doing that.

Areas have Roman names rather than Turkish ones; Tepidarium is the Warm Room, Calidarium the Hot Room and Laconium is the hottest Room to purify and detoxify the body by opening the pores and stimulating the circulation. Then you can take the plunge in guess what the Plunge Pool.

Bath Time

Turkish Baths by UK Pictures CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Harrogate by kpc CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
Bath Time by Superlekker CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 ‘Victorian Turkish Baths in Harrogate. Where staring at the ceiling is utterly entertaining, not to mention to very very hot rooms and nice steam to make you so clean… Believe me, two hours and a half in there just fly by.’


Interesting Facts About The White Rose of Yorkshire


White Rose of Yorkshire.

The white rose of Yorkshire is the symbol for the House of York. From the fourteenth century it has also been the symbol for Yorkshire.

The use of the White Rose of Yorkshire goes back to Edmund of Langley in the fourteenth century, the first Duke of York and the ruling Plantangenets

The symbolism of the white rose is said to relate to the Virgin Mary, who was known as the Mystical rose of heaven. White is a common colour for purity in religious ceremonies.

During the wars of the Roses (Lancashire vs Yorkshire), the forces of Yorkshire fought the Lancastrians who had a Red rose as an emblem. (Why do all Lancastrians have red noses? Because when god was handing noses out they thought he said roses, so they asked for a big red one!)

The War of the roses was ended when King of England Henry VII united the warring factions and symbolically created the Tudor rose.

At the Battle of Minden 1st August 1759, Yorkshire troops from a Yorkshire battalion were able to pluck white roses from close to the Battlefield in tribute to their fallen comrades. Ever since Yorkshire day has been celebrated on August 1st.


The Yorkshire flag incorporates the stylised rose and it can be flown with the 5th leaf at the bottom for most areas  or the top (for the East Riding)

The white rose has been or is still used by many different causes as well:

During the Second World War, German students who resisted Hitler’s Nazi Regime founded the White Rose league – a movement seeking to overthrow Hitler and his party.

The White Rose Universities is the group of Leeds, York and Sheffield universities.

White Rose business Awards for 2013 opens for application in March. It is managed by ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’.
White rose shopping centre is owned and managed by Land Securities and may feature hidden away in many Yorkshireman’s pension investments in some form.

The White Rose credit union operates out of Wakefield the capital city of Yorkshire.

Curry on Bradford

World Curry Festival

Bradford (and their small neighbor Leeds hosted the World Curry festival 2016. Local Bradford lad Zulfi Karim said  ‘The World Curry Festival is a long-held dream for me in which I saw a true celebration of one of Britain’s and the world’s best-loved dishes. But it’s not just about food it’s about a coming together of cultures, too. I’ve traveled the world tasting hundreds of dishes … all the ingredients used to make these delightful curries are found in our supermarkets, it’s just that people don’t know how to use them. And that’s what the festival is about, teaching people how to cook curry.’


Do you remember those old films with Barbara Windsor, Sid James, Kenneth Williams, Joan Sims and the cast of Carry on ……. Well now we have a sequel to ‘Curry on up the Khyber’ called Curry on Bradford.


Funny Old Curry on Bradford

  • Westfield and the Bradford council need a extra hot vindaloo to get them going!
  • Old curry number one hits Livin’ Dhal – Cliff Richard, Tikka Chance On Me – Abba and You Can’t Curry Love – Diana Ross and the Supremes. Blowing in the Wind was disqualified
  • Chicken Tarka Masala is meant to be like Tikka but this is a little ‘otter.
  • I hope readers who have got this far are not disappointed by the title Curry on Bradford. This is Yorkshire you know and you aren’t going to get a curry on anyone, you will have to pay for it thissen.
  • Curry on Bradford’s school meal menus can be wiped off with a wet cloth if you can find a school posh enough to have a menu.
  • Food on Jet2 flights out of Leeds Bradford airport are a bit plane.

Curry Capital of Great Britain 2011

  • To win the title ‘Curry Capital of Great Britain’, Bradford had a spicy fight against contenders such as Leicester, Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester.
  • The restaurants for curry on Bradford were Prashad, Aagrah Shipley, Kipling’s and Shimla Spice in Keighley. (Curry on Keighley isn’t quite as hot).
  • Curry on Bradford as you know you can win again in 2012 as you can chose from a wide range of curry houses including those listed in the Bradford Curry Guide

Bradford Fascinating Facts

Bradford is a major city in West Yorkshire. During the Nineteenth Century, Bradford was at the heart of the Industrial revolution and, for a time, was centre of the global wool trade. The British Wool marketing board is still based on Canal Road.

Photo: Tejvan

Bradford currently has a population of 531,000 (2011 Census), and is part of the West Yorkshire Urban conurbation, which in 2001, had a population of 1.5 million. Bradford District is the fourth largest metropolitan district after Leeds, Birmingham and Sheffield The district has the largest proportion of people of Pakistani ethnic origin (20.3%) in England. The largest religious group in Bradford is Christian (45.9% of the population) and nearly one quarter of the population (24.7%) are Muslim. source 2016.

Bradford MDC incorporates towns and villages including Ilkley, Keighley, Bingley, Wilsden, Shipley, Haworth, Cullingworth, Denholme, Thornton and Queensbuy

Bradford history facts

Bradford – is derived from Old English broad ford – The ford is at the site of the current Bradford Cathedral.

Bradford by Tim Green from Great Horton
  • 1251 Bradford granted market charter, centred on Kirkgate, Westgate and Ivegate.
  • 1311 A survey of Bradford recorded the presence of a water mill, fulling mill, and 28 houses at its centre.
  • 1642. During the civil war Bradford was occupied by Parliamentarian forces under Thomas Fairfax, though Royalist forces successfully besieged the town, leading to its surrender.
  • In 1801 population of Bradford 6,393 – centre on small craft industries, such as wool spinning and cloth weaving.
  • 1820s and 30s, Bradford received many German Jewish immigrants who settled in Mannignham, leading to the creation of an area known as ‘Little Germany’. German immigrants played a key role in the financing of industrial expansion.
  • By 1851 the population of Bradford was 103,778 – making it one of the fastest growing cities in the world.
  • As Bradford grew, it absorbed small townships which were previously separated, such as Manningham, Bowling, Thornton and Horton.
  • Bradford was a boom-town of the industrial revolution and often considered to be the epicentre of the global industrial revolution.

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Great Public Toilets of Yorkshire

This public toilet in Lofthouse, Nidderdale is a grade II listed building. In fact it hardly looks like a public toilet but you can walk around the stone entrance and enjoy the delights of a grade II listed toilet. The toilet is even nicely decorated with flowers around the edge.

This is on the steep road from Lofthouse to Masham.

Sheffield Romance

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…………for Rose there is the chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a clippie on Sheffield’s trams but war may shatter her ambitions……….

What is a clippie

a woman who is a conductor and ticket-taker on a bus’  – Merriam-Webster dictionary

A bus conductress   – Oxford Living

A clippie is a female bus-conductor but a connie, with otherwise the same meaning, need not be female.  – Wordnik

Sheffield Humour

A husband was always down at Bramall Lane watching Sheffield United. This caused a a protracted row that had lasted 7 years when the wife questioned the husband
‘I don’t think you love me anymore I think you love United more!’.
The husband replied woman, I love Sheffield Wednesday more than I love you.


heart 002
All men are not homeless but some are home less than others.

If you want to make your wife happy, tell her she makes you so.

Scottish Kelty Clippie

O’ she’s just a Kelty clippie, she’ll no tak nae advice,

It’s ach drap deid, awa bile yer heid, or I’ll punch yer ticket twice,

Her faither’s jist a waister, her mithers on the game,

She’s just a Kelty clippie, but I love her just the same.

Yorkshire Airlines Classic


Classic county comedy.

“Taking off from Leeds International airport. Landing at Leeds International Airport after 20 minutes. – Because if it’s outside Yorkshire it’s not worth visiting!’

As an airplane is about to crash, a female passenger jumps up frantically and announces, “If I’m going to die, I want to die feeling like a woman.”

She removes all her clothing and asks, “Is there someone on this plane who is man enough to make me feel like a woman?”

A Yorkshireman stands up, removes his shirt and says, “Here love, iron this!”.

Yorkshire Snow September


Yorkshire, like much of the rest of the country, has been hit be heavy snow falls which have left the county blanketed in snow.


Gritters are struggling to keep roads open as stocks of salt run low. Scarborough Council was even forced to resort to using sand from the resort’s beach to spread on the roads.


Only joking about September – it was July